Your Small Business Success Events


Why Events?

While our movies and interviews are mega inspiring, inspiration alone is not enough. You must get the information, services, and products it takes to build your successful business.

From Business Planning, Marketing Strategies & Tactics, Funding, Legal, Accounting and more – there’s lots to learn and to do. Most business startups fail. To be among those that succeed, you must take action – the right action. Our Resources Page you’ll find a growing list of top trainers and vendors that can help you get going and keep growing. And you’ll experience . . .

Top Speakers & Vendors at the Events

Even our Resource Listing can’t do justice or provide the instant boost that a “face to face” presentation can.  At our events (whether you attend live or watch the recordings) you will get a full experience of speakers & trainers – with information you can put into action immediately.    When it comes to the Vendors, it’s the same thing – you will get a good sample of what they offer – as if you had traveled to attend the event (with all the expense and time that takes).   With a never-before-offered format, you can begin to determine how vendors may be able to help you get goin’ and get growin’.

Why Online Events?

We are all busy. For many of us, budgets are tight. Yes, we all need to take time to sharpen our axes, but we shouldn’t have to always add two days on to an event for travel, as well as money for travel, rooms and ground transportation. Internet events are a perfect solution to this. You can attend the meetings live, or catch up later with recordings you can get at your convenience. With today’s technologies, the presentations can be seen clearly. With so many advantages, why not do online events?

Have you ever wanted to attend an event, but just didn’t have the budget, or couldn’t to take the time away.  By delivering our events online, you get what you need – where you need it, when you need it, and how you want it!  (You’ll thank me later.)

Well . . . What About Networking?

One of the important reasons to attend live events is the networking. We will provide never-before-delivered networking online.  Plus, we’ll use activities to make the networking easy, effective, and fun.  

Speakers, Trainers, and Vendors

We are choosing Speakers with must-have information. Since we are doing so many events, we’ll have many speakers, 3 to 4 at each event. All speakers will be recorded and available on our website.

Vendors are important, too. Again, we’ll have many vendors that you can check out. Of course, you’ll miss out on the chocolates vendors and trainers might have offered to entice you to visit their table. Hey, go buy your own candies 🙂 “Your Small Business Success” Events will provide one-stop shopping for the products and services you need.

Why 24 U. S. City Events? 

We are collaborating in each city with local business leaders, to attract attendees, and to showcase their city’s speakers and vendors, while bringing attention to each city’s unique offerings.  This can be helpful to event attendees across the country – to become aware of opportunities for business, travel, and collaborations.

$250,000 in Donations 

For each city we do our events with, it’s our intention to make nonprofit donations of around $10,416 – for a total of $250,000 going to nonprofit donations in the U.S.

Why Global Events? 

That’s exactly what I asked when I talked with International Business Expert, Philip Auerbach!  It seemed to me like the U. S. was enough.  But, when it comes to expanding your business – if you can expand into international markets – you may be able to double your business!  We like to model what we offer – so we said “Yes” to the world!

After all, people in other countries need and want the inspiration and information we are offering, too.  They can buy from our speakers and vendors and we will be including speakers and vendors from other countries.  It’s a global win-win!

What’s important to you about us going global?  With our international initiatives, feel inspired to stretch your thinking – and your operations –  maybe you can take on the world, too!


  • Are you a possibility as a speaker, vendor, or sponsor? 
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