Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant, Editing & Bookkeeping – Bonnie Karpay
4848 Pin Oak Park, #415, Houston, TX
I edit your writing so you sound as brilliant as you are, ceate website content, blog posts, articles, newsletters, book editing, and more.

QuickBooks certifies (former CPA)

“Delivering quality service that frees you up to deliver yours.” You can give me your pesky work so you can focus on your genius.

Take all that “stuff” that’s on your desk, slowing you down and distracting you.
Send it to me and let me handle it for you so you can focus on what you’re great at.

Things like:
* Correspondence
* Editing — reports, website content. I’m a serious grammarian and I love to write.
* Proofreading — articles, chapters, books. I can catch your mistakes before you go public.
* Follow-up on deliverables — due to you and from you
* Spreadsheets — compiling receipts or mileage, statistics on events.
* Tedious, redundant data entry is my favorite!
* CRM maintenance
* Transcribing webinars so you can distribute accurate notes to attendees.
* Managing personal aspects of your business relationships
* Thank you notes, birthdays, holiday cards, client accomplishments
* And QuickBooks Certified — After a 20-year absence, I’ve returned to QB support. Plus, former CPA, so why not?