Prison The Hidden Sentence – Julia Lazareck
773 Trumpington Court, Las Vegas, NV
Raising awareness of “the hidden sentence” and empowering families of the incarcerated.
(This is not a nonprofit, but it does great community work, so we’ve listed it here.)

According to the US. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) 6,851,000 people were incarcerated or on probation or parole in 2014. The prison issue here is that if each of those persons had just four family members or friends on the outside, that would mean there could be 27,404,000 people affected by having a loved one in the adult correction system. The hidden sentence is about those friends and family members on the outside. Chances are that someone you know has had a loved one incarcerated or that you are part of the 10% of the US population who has had a loved one in the prison system. Indirectly we are all affected, and if you have a loved one in prison you are probably doing the time even though you committed no crime. The sentence does not end once your loved one is released either. Depending on the type of release he or she may still need to deal with probation or parole which carries its own set of regulations. So the prison issue continues.