Nexus Partners – Bob Wood
4100 Fiser Place, Plano, TX

An ecosystem of support services designed to facilitate the adoption and proliferation of cryptocurrency. Nexxus recognizes that the mainstream public will adopt cryptocurrency only after they understand what it is and how they can benefit from it.

The Mission: The Nexxus Partners mission is to take cryptocurrency from the digital world to hometown communities all over the world, and promote its widespread adoption and use through cryptocurrency cafés, crypto-ATMs, an innovative shopper rewards program, and cryptocurrency education & certification. The Nexxus ecosystem goes beyond a single cryptocurrency, and seeks to improve the use of cryptocurrency as a whole.

Shoppers register for Nexxus Rewards free of charge, collect free cash back reward points from purchases and referrals, and redeem them at any Nexxus merchant. These dynamic cash back reward points can increase in value as the usage of Nexxus Rewards grows worldwide.

For Merchants, Nexxus Rewards is a completely risk-free solution to get and keep new customers. There are no signup fees, no contracts, no special software requirements, and no special terminals to lease or purchase. Best of all, merchants pay nothing until after they make the sale.