Children's Educational Programming

Rocket Phonics & ADHD Expert – Dr. Stephen Guffanti
7320 Bounty Drive, Sarasota, FL
After having provided a learning game for 15 years – we are developing the APP, so kids can learn to read with any device.

Kids love to learn and to read. But kids need & want to read in the way that there are designed to learn – and this is different for different kids. Yet, schools are set up for kids who will sit still and learn. This leaves other kids on the outside, being labeled, and left behind. Rocket Phonics fixes that!

Rocket Phonics is non-consumable, and your children as young as 3 or 4 can play the games. Your kids can play many of the activities together, and your older children can help lead lessons for the younger.

Your preschoolers can use the Play & Read Cards to play the Preschool/Big Movement activities you get via email as one of your bonuses. These are multi-sensory, imaginative activities that teach letters’ shapes and sounds.

Some kids as young as 3 are ready to read, but most can play at this level for a long time before they are ready. Check reading readiness by periodically trying one of the blending games or reading a word on our fun Thinking Skills pages, and see our Preschool Button for more information.

NOTE: 100% success rate. Proven effective with all kids as well as those labeled with ADHD – Teaches them in the ways they want & need to learn.

Your beginning readers ages 5-7 usually know at least some letters or are reading at various levels. The way to use Rocket Phonics for this age is to start with the Play & Read Cards, playing games so they learn all the sounds, and how our system spells each sound. For example, the th sound in “thimble” is shown as “th”, and the “th” in bathe is shown as “th”. Then when your child knows the sounds, just pick up in the Vol. 1 or Vol. 2 readers where your child is ready to begin.

Your older readers ages 8-up: If your older child is reading below 3rd-grade level, he or she will benefit tremendously from Rocket Phonics. Depending on their skills and needs, they may start with the Big Movement activities to learn all the sounds and letters. Once they know the sounds, blending, and phonemic awareness, they can progress through Rocket Phonics, picking up in the two volumes where they are ready to begin. In our 28 weekly bonuses emailed to you, you will find extra help and extra reading practice at each grade level from pre-K to 6th grade.

Music Play Land – Piano Wizard – Chris Salter
7367 Glacier View Road, Longmont, CO
Imagine color-coded music building blocks, like musical “Tinker Toys” or “Legos,” that allow even small children to play, master and create real music naturally.

Like Crayola impacted the artistic imaginations of millions of children for generations, Music Play Land can do the same, with musical games that teach music like a native language.

Our music video games are built on over 30 years of research on developmental linguistics as applied to teaching music as if it were a native language. Piano Wizard has proven amazingly effective, with hundreds of glowing reviews, and incredibly moving testimonials over a decade of use. This one particular example led to the impetus to further investigate the therapeutic, cognitive and healing powers of music.
Queen B Club – Barbara Loraine
10304 Parkcrest Drive, Tampa, FL
Kids love to learn and have fun. Queen B Club is a YouTube Channel that teaches toddlers early learning in a super-fun format. COMING SOON

Kids love to learn and have fun. Queen B Club is a YouTube Channel that teaches toddlers early learning in a super-fun format. Queen B books are silly fun that encourage kids to read and enjoy – beginning a life-long love of reading.