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As you’ll see, we’re producing an inspirational Docu-Series, 24 live Internet-Based Events around the U.S., and 19 live Events Globally. 

But, I  hear you saying, “I want to start and grow my business now.”  
“I want to make more money now.” 

So, we provide a Membership & Directory with  Informational Webinars, Q & A Feedback, Do It Yourself Programs, Crucial Resources, along with the encouragement you need, backlinks (for SEO), and more.  Everything we do is designed to take your income and your life to the next level. Now. 

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Need Inspiration?

Need Confidence that YOU Can build a Successful Business?

Welcome to the upcoming Documentary-Series, “The Elephant In Your Room” . . . Barbara Loraine interviewed people across the U. S. with great success stories, to Inspire Your Small Business Success.

"If they can do it, so can You!" The success stories are inspiring. But, inspiration alone won't help you get where you want to go.

So,  we are presenting 24 Live Events, each with a short, high-impact Success Story Film.  Also, Speakers & Vendors will provide information, training, services, and products you need . . . to get you on track and into action . . . so you can create your own success story.

Live Event Schedule - U. S. & Global

Coming Soon

Speakers Inform & Vendors Prepare you to Build YOUR Small Business Success Story

Sample Speakers 

Sample Vendors

What they're saying about Barbara Loraine

Barbara is going to change your income, your life and your future. You will learn to build a business with work you were meant to do . . . and enjoy a life that thrills you.
Berny Dohrmann
Founder, CEO Space International - Forbes #1 Business Conference
Making the right impression is key to getting the funding you need to start up and grow. From your website, to proposals, and more - Loraine delivers the real-deal services you need.
Sherita Herring
Strategic Business Planning, Fundraising & Nonprofit Success
Barbara is a brilliant businessperson and marketer. She does what it takes to get results for small businesses & professionals. Her heart is in the right place, too.
Hugh Ballou
Transformatonal Leadership Training
As a businessperson, you need to be inspired & to have models for success. With Loraine, you get the secrets that have worked for others like you. Barbara Loraine shows how you can do it, too!
Jill Lublin
Publicity Strategist & Trainer
There have never been business-growth events like these. Get ready to learn more so you can earn more!
Christopher Salem
"Sustainable Success" Coach
Barbara sees what's going on with a business and provides helpful insights. I particularly love her "more creativity than cash" ideas - which are great for start-ups and bottom-line-focused businesses.
Jeanette Joy Fisher
Social Media Influencer, Publicity, Trainer, Publisher

Join in and Step Up Your Income, Your Business & Your Lifestyle. ​


Your Small Business Success Directory

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Why be listed in “Your Small Business Success” Directory?

  • You will be seen by other businesspeople – some may be prospects for you, some may offer services you need.  
    – What this means to you is more sales, more lifetime customers
  • As you bond with other members, you’ll find opportunities to collaborate & grow.
    – No leaving money on the table – with high-impact connections, you create win-win deals!
  • Be found.  We backlink to your site – which means a lot – They are the #1 criteria for Google ranking.
    – Give Google – and your market – what they want . . . and you’ll get what you want.  Traffic & conversions. 
  • The Directory provides  connections that can act like a 24/7 online networking event. 
    – Get leads & clients from the comfort of your arm chair, in your pajamas if you want!
  • We’ll show you how to network within the membership. 
    – Expand your reach, your income, and your ability to serve more people.  


It’s easy.  You email us your stuff to us.  We build your listing.  Just email us your company pic, website address, a short & longer description of your business.  Boom, you’re in!  No work for you to do. No trying to figure out how to get into the platform and post.  We do it for you. Nice, huh? 

Member Perks

Your Small Business Success Membership

As they say, "Membership has it's Privileges."

Here are some of the Member Perks we provide, designed to help you with Your Small Business Success. If you are starting your FREE trial membership, these are perks you’ll want all the benefit from.  For paid members, there are additional perks (scroll down to learn more) 

All sessions are 30-40 minutes, LIVE and interactive with attendees.  AND we record the sessions,  so you can watch them again, or get the nuggets for the first time when it’s convenient to you – and on any device.  Each Session is a $250+ Value.  Tell a Friend and let them benefit too.  FREE!

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In 2018 – Stop Leaving Money on the Table!

1) Directory Listing

Be Seen on the internet – get more prospects & clients.   See others who can be providers for what you need to grow your business. Also, get the backlinks that are mandatory for Google ranking! 

2) Business-Building Webinars, with Barbara Loraine & Guest Experts

1-Designing your website to do the job it should do: 1) Impress visitors with your professionalism and expertise, including people you want to collaborate with, the media, and more.  2) Encourage people to say “Yes!” to your Lead Generation Offer (or whatever other action you want them to take). 3)  Appeal to your market.
Got Questions about Your Website?  Email them in and they may be the subject of a Q&A Session.

2-Content for Results.  “Begin with the end in mind.”  Want more traffic?  More sales? We’ll talk about how to use content to drive traffic to your website & to get the backlinks Google uses for ranking your site.  That’s a formula designed to help you get more connections, more oppor- tunities, and more sales!  Be SEEN by Buyers! …Got Questions about Content?  Email them in and they may be the subject of a Q&A Session.

3-Lead Generation.  What are the best ways to get leads – for FREE? Attracting traffic is key.  (See Content for Results) And, Going after leads IN YOUR MARKET is key. Where are your prospects hanging out? For B2B, LinkedIn is great.  For B2C, FB, Instagram, Pinterest might be a good fit. Great for everyone–YouTube! ………
Got Questions about Leads?  Email them in and they may be the subject of a Q&A Session.

Video Marketing.  I’ll share information about 1)  16 Ways to use Video to attract business and sell! 2) DIY methods that get results 3)  Problems to avoid when making videos.  4)  What gear it’s great to have. 5)  How & Where to use video to cash in on the work you put into it – Big Time!  
6)  Tips for if you don’t feel comfortable on film.
Got Questions about Video?  Email them in and they may be the subject of a Q&A Session.

Your Lead Magnet.  You want to get people’s emails so you can get in touch with them and stay in contact.  (If you have any question about the importance of follow up, see our Email Marketing session.)  Your Lead Magnet, also called an Irresistible Offer, must be 1) Relevant and 2) Valuable to the prospects in your market.
Got Questions about Lead Magnets?  Email them in and they may be the subject of a Q&A Session.

Email Marketing.  As they say, “It takes 5-12 ‘touches” (or ‘exposures’ to your message) before most prospects buy.  That’s why they also say, “The fortune is in the follow-up.”  Email is still be best – and most cost effective – way to communicate.  Especially with AUTOMATIC emails that your prospects find  valuable.
Got Email Marketing Questions?  Email them in and they may be the subject of a Q&A Session

Catapult Your Business.  This is for start ups and for business looking to grow. We’ll go through a questioning process I use with clients to surface their options and all kinds of  resources.  Inspired by the  old story, I  call it “Claiming Your Acres of Diamonds!”  This webinar helps you discover what gems are hiding in your back yard.  You’ll end up with an action plan for results! 
Got Questions about Opportunities?  Email them in and they may be the subject of a Q&A Session.

Expand Your “Products”  & Grow Your Income.  We’ll talk about the kinds of products that are quickest, easiest and most cost effective to develop.  You’ll consider which products will work best for you – to grow income, establish authority & credibility, and attract opportunities like crazy.  Plus products are publicity door openers!  What’s not to love? and to a.e…….
Got Questions about your Email Marketing?  Email them in we may answer in our Q&A.

Easy Way to Double Your Income.  Go global!  Or at least, translate your products or services into other languages.  With that, you can take advantage of non-English speakers in the U. S. and globally.  Do people in other countries, or who speak other languages, want to buy from you? We’ll discuss how to determine whether your business is a candidate for international sales, and how to cash in. Got Questions about Going Global?  Email them in and they may be the subject of a Q&A Session.

Nothing Happens Until Something is Sold.  
We’ll have one of our favorite sales experts join us to share insights, expertise, tips, and tricks – so you make more sales in 2018!  We’ll talk about hesitations to “sell,” and how to think differently, so you can make sales while “serving” your customers’ best interests.  You’ll learn – or be reminded of – crucial aspects of the process, so you get on track and stay on track with sales! Got Questions about Selling?  Email them in and we may work with your challenges in our Q&A.

Many more subjects coming – with information you need and want – to grow your business.  Contact us with your subject requests!

3) Q & A Sessions. Get Expert Input on Important Questions

“Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions.” Actually, to be more accurate, great feedback can propel your business!  With these Q&A Sessions, you get coaching, brainstorming, tips, and more. Get help with your specific needs AND learn from other’s questions and feedback, too.  In each session, Barbara Loraine and/or her expert friends weigh in on your pressing challenges, issues, and needs. 

Here’s how it works.  Email the office with your question or feedback request.  We work LIVE with as many of the requests as we have time for within the session.  You’ll find that even if your question is not chosen, you’ll get huge value and insights from whatever questions we tackle. After all, there are common issues all businesspeople face.  We may even cover questions you didn’t even know to ask! 

4) Members-Only Facebook Group

Get networking, support, connections, collaboration opportunities, and much, much more!


5) Social Media Collaborations

Get the engagement you want and that Google, FB & Twitter wants you to have.  Make a great impression and improve your ranking!  What’s not to love? 

6) Opportunities to: 1 - Present in our Webinars and/or Q & A - AND 2 - Post original articles/content on our blog!

Gain exposure with our members – and the world!  Show your expertise, jump stagrt your publicity, be  ready for TV, radio, and posting on other’s blogs. And, you get the backlinks that Google LOVES,  Woo hoo!

7) 1-Hour Consult with Barbara Loraine for feedback or your choice.

Use your 60 minutes to get feedback and suggestions on your website, email campaign letters, product ideas, conversions, and more.  ($250 Value.  Use your consult at any point during your 12 month paid membership.)

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This is a 12-month membership plan. See Terms & Conditions for Membership. 


Small Business Resources
with training, services, & products you need, to


Samples of Small Business Speakers & Trainers 

Samples of Small Business Vendor Products & Services

 Full list of Speakers & Vendors by Category & Name
– Coming Soon –



Your Small Business Success Events


Why Events?

While our movies and interviews are mega inspiring, inspiration alone is not enough. You must get the information, services, and products it takes to build your successful business.

From Business Planning, Marketing Strategies & Tactics, Funding, Legal, Accounting and more – there’s lots to learn and to do. Most business startups fail. To be among those that succeed, you must take action – the right action. Our Resources Page you’ll find a growing list of top trainers and vendors that can help you get going and keep growing. And you’ll experience . . .

Top Speakers & Vendors at the Events

Even our Resource Listing can’t do justice or provide the instant boost that a “face to face” presentation can.  At our events (whether you attend live or watch the recordings) you will get a full experience of speakers & trainers – with information you can put into action immediately.    When it comes to the Vendors, it’s the same thing – you will get a good sample of what they offer – as if you had traveled to attend the event (with all the expense and time that takes).   With a never-before-offered format, you can begin to determine how vendors may be able to help you get goin’ and get growin’.

Why Online Events?

We are all busy. For many of us, budgets are tight. Yes, we all need to take time to sharpen our axes, but we shouldn’t have to always add two days on to an event for travel, as well as money for travel, rooms and ground transportation. Internet events are a perfect solution to this. You can attend the meetings live, or catch up later with recordings you can get at your convenience. With today’s technologies, the presentations can be seen clearly. With so many advantages, why not do online events?

Have you ever wanted to attend an event, but just didn’t have the budget, or couldn’t to take the time away.  By delivering our events online, you get what you need – where you need it, when you need it, and how you want it!  (You’ll thank me later.)

Well . . . What About Networking?

One of the important reasons to attend live events is the networking. We will provide never-before-delivered networking online.  Plus, we’ll use activities to make the networking easy, effective, and fun.  

Speakers, Trainers, and Vendors

We are choosing Speakers with must-have information. Since we are doing so many events, we’ll have many speakers, 3 to 4 at each event. All speakers will be recorded and available on our website.

Vendors are important, too. Again, we’ll have many vendors that you can check out. Of course, you’ll miss out on the chocolates vendors and trainers might have offered to entice you to visit their table. Hey, go buy your own candies 🙂 “Your Small Business Success” Events will provide one-stop shopping for the products and services you need.

Why 24 U. S. City Events? 

We are collaborating in each city with local business leaders, to attract attendees, and to showcase their city’s speakers and vendors, while bringing attention to each city’s unique offerings.  This can be helpful to event attendees across the country – to become aware of opportunities for business, travel, and collaborations.

$250,000 in Donations 

For each city we do our events with, it’s our intention to make nonprofit donations of around $10,416 – for a total of $250,000 going to nonprofit donations in the U.S.

Why Global Events? 

That’s exactly what I asked when I talked with International Business Expert, Philip Auerbach!  It seemed to me like the U. S. was enough.  But, when it comes to expanding your business – if you can expand into international markets – you may be able to double your business!  We like to model what we offer – so we said “Yes” to the world!

After all, people in other countries need and want the inspiration and information we are offering, too.  They can buy from our speakers and vendors and we will be including speakers and vendors from other countries.  It’s a global win-win!

What’s important to you about us going global?  With our international initiatives, feel inspired to stretch your thinking – and your operations –  maybe you can take on the world, too!


  • Are you a possibility as a speaker, vendor, or sponsor? 
  • Would you like us to promote your business to our growing market now?
  • Would you like us to come to YOUR city (virtually) with our event?
    Call Loraine directly at 858-231-3140 to set a discovery meeting.